About Since 5


Since 5 has dedicated themselves as being one of the best local bands in the Memphis, TN area. While being a local Memphis band, they play local events as well as events that are abroad. The band consists of several members not to mention several singers whom they use as occasional featured artists.


Their style can be easily classified as fusion; a mix of jazz, soul, funk and of course gospel, which is the essence of their instrumental roots. SInce 5 caters to all type of events, from weddings, birthday parties, banquets, concerts and more.


They have preformed successful events in at a number of venues, inlcuding; The Pink Palace Museum of Memphis, The Hilton, The Landers Center in Desoto County, Kings Sports Bar and Grill (A local Memphis Bar), Memphis Slim House, Main Street Memphis (Trolly Night) and many more.


Since 5 started out as a small group of less than 5 individuals in 2011 coming together for the soul purpose of sharing their musical gifts during practice sessions. It was all built on the notion of brotherhood and the love of music. While each member started off in strong gospel roots, they developed the ear for a variety of musical genres. The 2 or 3 founding members soon pulled in a few more musicians during their practices and realized they had something special. In 2012 they set out to play their music on a more expanding level, giving them selves the name "Reprize" in their humble beginnings. The then 5 members continued to gig together and form an unbreakable bond in brotherhood and as musicians.


After a year or so later, the core 5 member band started to expand and land more and more gigs; each gig bigger than the next. Because of their dedication to excellence in their music, they decided to market themselves even further. The band then set down and decided to name their group "The Since 5". This was steamed from the brotherhood of the core 5 members that made the band what it is today.


In 2015, Since 5, began adding new levels to the band, including several singers and other featured artists. More band members were added and the Since 5 Band developed and sharpened their sound; getting audiences out of their seats with their variety of cover songs, oldies and some update tunes in the hip hop arena as well. Memphis, TN locals have grown to acknowledge Since5 as one of the best bands in the south. With their youth and young members, capable of delivering old and new renditions of the best jazz and soul music. Alot of their influences come from "Snarky Puppy" and bands similiar.


In 2016 Since 5 continues to grow in notoriety; writing their own music and working more in the studio to present to the world their unique and fresh sound. Since 5, now 8 members strong, adding a new yet extremely talented saxophone player to the brotherhood, shows no sign of stopping in their pursuit to continue to rock the walls of their future and current venues and giving the audiences a pleasant time and giving them a time they will never forget. Since 5 is more than a band, they are an experience.