Marlon VanBuren

Musical Director, Keyboardist & Vocalist


Born and raised in Memphis, Marlon is a native to good soulful music. Singing in the church choir & with gospel groups helped prepare him for the musical roles to come. In 2013, Marlon and his friend William (Keon) wanted to start having practice together. They quickly realized that they needed a drummer. Little did he know that his co-worker and friend, Nicholas Howard was a drummer. They started with basic jam sessions and added his cousin Blake, brother Eric and Uncle Theron Powell and the rest is history. He says his main influences are Take 6, Walter Hawkins, Al Green, Donny Hathaway and D'Angelo. His goal with music is to touch the soul of the listener and to be an example of the possibilities through song for his son, London.



William "Keon"Robinson



William "Keon" Robinson aka "Lo-Key" is an Memphis Bassist. He began taking taking private bass lessons in 2013. Growing up listening to great musical compositions and having friends on the Memphis Music set inspired him to further his knowledge and love of music. Musical influences include gospel, jazz, soul, R&B, and hip hop. The love for music was enhanced by affiliation with a good friend, Marlon Vanburen who brought together a talented group of musicians that later formed Since5 the Band.




Nicholas Howard

Percussion, Drums


Nicholas "Nick" Howard, originally from the small town of Clarksdale, MS, started playing drums at an early age. Growing up around gospel music, he in no time, developed a love for the drums. Nick has 2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters who were also exposed to the same gospel upbringing. His father, Pastor Leslie Howard Sr., played organ early on while he and his siblings watched. They soon took over the direction of the music and choir of their dad's church and just like Nicholas, he and his brothers maintained affiliation with other musicians and were apart of numerous choirs and concerts as the years went on. After playing for his father's church for more than 20 years, Nicholas moved to Southaven, MS and began to get well acqainted with local musicians like himself. He met up with "Marlon VanBuren" as a co-worker at the Commercial Appeal in Memphis. At the time, he was unaware of Marlon's background in music as well. They soon hooked up and played together in a few shed sessions, with Bassist "Keon Robinson". Nicholas formed a brotherhood with those two and the group soon expanded from there. Nicholas is influenced by drummers such as, Stanley Randolph, Tony Royster and Sput Seawright, just to name a few. Nicholas's joined the band "Since 5" because of his love for music and the opportunity to put enjoyment on the faces of his listeners and for future drummers alike that look up to him.





Eric VanBuren

Keys, Synth, Vocals


Eric VanBuren keyboardist from Memphis, TN.  He has been groomed around various types of music all his life, but particularly enjoys classical and jazz compositions. He began to teach himself how to play the piano by reading tutorials and listening by ear to match sounds. He began practicing with his fellow band members around 2014, and these recreational meetings quickly developed into a unique sound.Blake Van Buren:  Music Biography. He soon started joining this collaboration of brothers for scheduled events and has been with the group ever since. Since 5: keyboard, synth, vocals.






Blake VanBuren

Keys, Synth, Vocals


Blake’s love for music began at an early age being born and raised in the musically influential city of Memphis. Blake took piano lessons at the age of seven and loved the concept of creating improvisational music compositions.  He later enjoyed playing music on the piano by ear from listening to classic R&B and rock hits of the 70s and 80s along with his father playing bass guitar. Blake later began singing in various choral groups throughout college and in churches. In 2010, Blake took a new interest in playing keyboard, synth and lead guitar. In 2013 he played in jam sessions with his cousins Marlon and Eric Van Buren; along with friends that collectively started the band that would later be known as Since 5. His music influences are Earth Wind and Fire, Isley Brothers, Al Green, Luther Vandross, Mint Condition, The Roots, Baby Face, and Bruno Mars. His goal with music is to engage the listener by recapturing the true essence of the height of R&B, in the 70s and 80s, while infusing a contemporary sound that’s timeless for all generations.   






Therron Powell

Lead Guitar


Therron Powell born February  23, 1961. I am a resident of Shelby County, Tennessee.  I play the Lead guitar.  As a child and not knowing what I really wanted to play   I was all over the place. Piano was required,  drums were my desire and guitar was made available.  It wasn't until 5th grade that the decision was  made to pursue the guitar. Over the next few years I found myself playing with different churches by age 13.I was also able to travel with these churches for road trips.  I loved playing guitar it afforded me   to go places and that's why I still  do it today. I joined up with Since5  for some jam sessions back in early 2014 at that time couldn't  commit but before the year was out God had turned that into I'm in.  I over the years have played  gospel,  rhythm and blues, jazz, rock and roll, country  just about every style of music so I attempt to bring  a different flavor through my guitar abilities. 






Larry Randolph



Larry Randolph is a Smooth jazz saxophonist and composer. He is a native of Memphis, TN. His music has been described as a combination of Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop and Pop. Larry’s musical pursuits began in Melrose High School. He was influenced by listening to church musicians, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Charley Parker, Stan Getz, Grover Washington, Hank Crawford, Stanley Turrentine and other legendary artists. Later he joins the military and played with various bands in Germany and Korea. Music is a life long Journey crossing many paths with a constance beat (like the heart) that resonates to all.






Metrio "Truck" Robinson

Band Manager, Sound Engineer, Song Writer & Producer


Since his birth, Metrio was in love with music. Born and raised in the heart South Memphis, Metrio was destin to be different.  His passion for music started as a child singing in the church choir. During his years of high school, Metrio became the school DJ, and a dictated member of TGC Ministries Holy Hip Hop Group "The Great Commission. Metrio was a for-front member beside his friend and mentor Charlie "C-Dub" Folsom. He not only was a recording artist, Metrio produced and co-produces several albums for different artist.Metrio also toured around the mid south and surrounding city's with local and celebrity gospel artist. This truly helped prepare him for the musical roles to come. In 2006 Metrio retired from being a Holy Hip Hop and became a bouncer and personal body guard for several A-list celebs in the music industry. For the next 6 years, Metrio worked in several night clubs, venues, and provided personal security detail. He also pick up high school hobby of DJing and sound engineering. In the near end of 2014, Metrio became the Manager and personal Sound Engineer for The Band Since5. Metrio continues to manage Since5 while working other bands such as The Bar-Kay's, Lakeside, Con Funk Shun, Mary Jane Girls, and several more.